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Despite safety engineers and mandatory safety programs, thousands of workers are injured each year in accidents on the job. If you are dealing with a Workers' Compensation claim that has been denied or needs to be appealed, please call the experienced attorneys at Buckley & Associates today at (206) 622-1100 to speak with one of our multi-lingual staff members about resolving your legal case.

Compensation for Your Work-Related Injury

When you are injured on the job site due to an accident that was no one's fault, you can receive compensation through the state's Workers' Compensation program.

The Workers' Compensation Act provides benefits for workers who are injured while in the course of employment or who suffer an occupational disease caused by their job. The benefits include:

  • Weekly payments based on a percentage of your average weekly wage
  • Medical expenses for reasonable and necessary treatment
  • Vocational rehabilitation services

You may be eligible for temporary total disability, partial disability, or permanent and total disability for loss of function or disfigurement.

What To Do If You Are Injured

If you are injured on the job, you should immediately notify your employer and seek medical attention. You can go to the doctor or emergency room of your choice for treatment. Tell them that you were injured on the job and they will assist you in filing your workers' compensation claim for that visit.

After your emergency care is taken care of, you will need to use one of the in-network health care providers for your follow-up care.

Our Attorneys Can Help

Were you injured on the job? You may have options to file a construction accident lawsuit to hold a third party accountable.

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