Who may be liable for your injuries in a truck accident?

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When you are hurt in a truck accident, there are 4 major potential entities that can be liable for your injuries:who is liable for truck accident

  1. the driver
  2. the owner of the truck
  3. the employer of the driver
  4. your own insurance company. 

If the driver, the owner, or employer of the driver is responsible, then that entities’ liability insurance carrier would be required to pay your damages. 

To determine whether the driver is at fault, it must be shown that the driver failed to operate the vehicle with reasonable care.  A truck driver may be at fault even if that person strictly follows the statutory rules of the road if it can be shown that person had a reasonable opportunity to avoid the collision but failed to do so because of inattention.  The owner of the truck and the employer of the driver will be responsible for your injuries if it can be shown that the driver was acting as an agent, or within the course and scope of their employment.  And your own insurance company may be required to “step into the shoes” of the at fault driver if you purchased “underinsured” or “uninsured” motorist protection.  In many states, including Washington, such insurance coverage is required unless the insurance carrier gets a signed written waiver from their customer.

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