What Should You Do If You Are Injured in a Construction Accident?

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Hurt in a construction accidentStep 1. Get medical help.

If you are injured on the job at a construction site, the first thing you need to do is seek medical attention. Your health should always be the first priority.

Step 2. Report it.

Even if your injury does not require immediate medical attention, you still need to report the injury and incident to your employer. Don’t take a “wait and see” approach. You should report the accident so a formal report of the incident is on file. If the accident is not reported, your employer can deny claims for medical treatment and benefits for time away from work.

Step 3. Call an attorney.

In Washington, work-related injuries are covered under Workers’ Compensation. However, injuries caused by third parties may require a lawsuit to recovery compensation for your injuries. An experienced construction accident attorney can help you understand your legal rights and pursue the right parties to get the compensation you need and deserve.

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