Types of Brain Injuries

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Types of Brain InjuriesHead injuries can range from mild to severe and affect many areas of cognitive functioning, including: memory, attention, speed, focus, creativity, and flexibility.  Common types of brain injuries are:

  • Hematoma – a collection of blood outside the blood vessels, which can build pressure inside the skull and lead to unconsciousness
  • Hemorrhage – uncontrolled bleeding around or in the brain tissue, which can cause severe headaches and vomiting
  • Concussion – caused when the brain bounces against the skull
  • Edema – swelling of tissues in or around the brain which can cause the brain to press against the skull
  • Skull Fracture – while not a brain injury itself, a skull fracture can indicate severed brain injury because the strong bone of the skull was not sufficient to absorb the energy of impact
  • Diffuse Axonal Injury – injury to the brain, which directly damages brain cells and can lead to permanent brain damage or death

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