Safety Tips to Prevent Dog Bites to Children

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tips to prevent dog bitsHousehold pets

  • Dogs typically don't like hugs and kisses, particularly when it's not on their own terms. Teach kids to respect your animal's space.
  • Don't stare at a dog in close proximity to its face as this can be interpreted as an act of aggression.
  • Dogs that are tied up, cooped in or curled up (sleeping or relaxing) may be more agitated if approached – they either want to get out or be left alone.
  • Know that dogs don't only attack when they're angry (growling, barking, hair standing up); they can attack because they're scared; a dog with its mouth closed, eyes wide and ears forward may indicate that it's scared or worried.

Pets outside of the family

  • Always ask an adult's permission before approaching or petting a dog.
  • Never run or scream if a dog comes up to you.
  • Always be calm around dogs and don't look them in the eye; they may see this as an act of aggression.
  • If a dog starts biting, put whatever you have (backpack, stick, toy, etc.) in its mouth.
  • Avoid dogs that are eating, playing with toys, tied up in a yard, or behind a fence; also avoid dogs who look ill or angry
  • Never tease a dog by throwing things at it, barking at it, etc.

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