Reducing Your Stress After an Auto Accident

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Recently the founding attorney of our firm, James C. Buckley, was published in a special edition of our local Seattle newspaper La Raza. The English translation follows or you can read the original on page 16 of La Raza.  

Every year there are thousands of people injured or killed in automobile accidents in the state of Washington.  If you are unfortunate and injured in an automobile accident, through no fault of your own, presenting an injury claim and getting your medical bills paid can be a very stressful event. 

For some victims their medical bills are sent to collections which can seriously damage their credit rating.  If you have personal injury protection (PIP) coverage with your own automobile insurer and/or health insurance coverage, your medical bills should be paid by said insurers if the bills are deemed reasonable and necessary.  However, healthcare insurers sometimes will only pay a percentage of the bills, i.e. 70% to 80%.  When this happens you need to arrange with the healthcare providers to pay the outstanding balances by monthly payments or have PIP pay the outstanding balances. 

Don’t forget to have the insurance company for the at fault driver pay your general damages, like pain and suffering, disability, mental duress, etc.

The next issue is how do you find an attorney to help you with your claim.  There are thousands of attorneys who handle injury claims for victims.  All you need to do is go on-line and type in “injury attorney” and over a hundred attorneys with their names, addresses, and telephone numbers will show up. 

Now you have to decide which attorney to hire.  Most attorneys will handle your case for a contingency fee of 1/3 of the money they recover on your case.  Many attorneys will advance the money to cover your costs incurred in processing your case.  You want to go with an attorney who has several years of experience doing injury cases and has a good track record of resolving and winning injury cases.  Go to the attorney’s website and review some of the cases the attorney/law firm has successfully handled.  Ask your friends, relatives, and co-workers about the attorney and his or her law firm. Go see the attorney and get a 30 to 60 minute free consultation.  Ask the attorney about other cases he or she has handled that are similar to your case.

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