How can I afford attorney’s fees for my car accident case?

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How can I afford attorneys fees?Every client and every lawyer should be concerned about attorney fees and costs that a client will have to pay to pursue their case.  If a client is injured, they are typically unable to afford to pay an attorney a retainer, as well as the costs necessary to pursue the action.  For this reason, lawyers can defer all costs and fees until the case is resolved.  But to do so, the client must sign a contingency fee agreement which details how any fee will be split after funds are recovered. 

In the injury context, lawyers typically charge one third of the total recovery, plus reimbursement for their out of pocket costs.  Some lawyers will charge 40% if the case goes to trial, and 50% if the case goes to an appeal.  It is important that the client understand how the fees will be divided when the lawyer is retained.  That information must be made clear in the contingency fee contract.  

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