Driving Tips for School Zones

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Driving Tips for School ZonesSchool zones are in place to ensure the safety of children around schools.  Let us do our parts as drivers by doing the following:

  1. Do slow down while driving in school zones.  In Washington, drivers are not to exceed 20 mph in school zones.[1] 
  2. Do pay extra attention and expect the “unexpected.”  Especially with cellphones, headphones, and other electronic devices distracting the children, children may not behave like average pedestrians.  Children may not always use the crosswalks to cross the streets, they may not check for traffic before stepping off the sidewalks, they may not notice turn blinkers, etc.   Yield to children, especially those who seem to be distracted or confused.[2] 
  3. Do expect more traffic in school zones.  Not only there are school buses, but also other drivers dropping off and picking up children from school.
  4. Do comply with direction of crossing guards and traffic officers.  These people are there to help students safely travel to and from school. 

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