Common Causes of Bus Accidents

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Causes of Bus AccidentsTo establish liability in a bus accident case, we must investigate to find the cause of the accident. In many cases, the bus driver or the company he or she works for will be responsible for the accident and therefore responsible for your injuries.

Among the many factors that can cause a bus accident, the most common are:

  • Driver error – running red lights or failing to yield
  • Driver fatigue – driving too many hours in a row or not taking sufficient breaks
  • Aggressive driving – speeding, tailgating, swerving in traffic
  • Driving under the influence – using drugs or alcohol while on the job
  • Mechanical failure – failure of the transmission, brakes, or other area
  • Inadequate bus maintenance – failure to regularly tune-up the vehicle

Any of these can contribute to a bus accident that can cause severe injuries to you and your loved ones.

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