Settlement: $195,000

Passenger vs. Motorists The client was a passenger in a vehicle when it was rear-ended by another vehicle. The client was later involved in another rear-end accident in less than three months. The client sustained knee injuries and soft tissue injuries to neck and back.

Settlement: $164,160

Pedestrian vs. Motorist The client was crossing a five-lane street and was struck in the center turn lane by a vehicle. The driver contended that the client was wearing dark clothing and walked in front of the vehicle. The client suffered wrist fracture that required surgery and reconstruction.

Jury Verdict: $152,443

Motorist vs. Dump Truck Driver and Employer The client’s vehicle was rear-ended by the defendants’ dump truck. The client sustained soft tissue injuries to her back and neck and suffered from anxiety while driving.

Jury Verdict: $121,199

Motorist vs. Motorist The client’s vehicle was rear-ended by another vehicle. The client suffered am aggravation of lighting up of a pre-existing lumbar disc herniation and ongoing injuries to his neck and upper back.

UIM Arbitration: $100,076

Motorist vs. UIM Insurer The client’s vehicle was rear-ended by an uninsured driver. The client was an elite golfer who sustained an upper and low back strains, resulting in 5% permanent impairment.

Settlement: $100,000

Passenger vs. Driver The driver crossed the center line, striking the oncoming vehicle. The client fractured his leg and teeth and sustained a head injury. The insurance company settled for $50,000 in liability limits and another $50,000 in UIM limits.

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