Settlement: $750,000

< Motorist vs. Motorist and Employer The client was operating her vehicle and was rear-ended by another vehicle. The client sustained a cervical disc herniation which required surgical repair.

Settlement: $270,000

Pedestrian vs. Motorist The client was walking in a marked crosswalk and was struck by a vehicle. The client sustained a mild closed head injury. The driver’s insurer claimed that the client only suffered soft tissue injuries.

Jury Verdict: $222,031

Client vs. Dog Owners The client tripped and fell trying to avoid a pit bull dog which was not on a leash. The dog owners claimed the dog was going over to the client just to say hello. The client sustained a fractured hip in the fall.

Settlement: $210,000

Patron vs. Restaurant The client fell and broke her shoulder when she tried to open the door to exit a restaurant. The investigation revealed that a partially rolled rug had blocked the door on prior occasions, making it not reasonably safe.

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