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Settlement: $750,000
Pedestrian vs. Motorist and City

The client was crossing in a marked crosswalk at night and was struck by a vehicle. The client sustained fractures to her neck, back, and leg. The client also suffered a closed head injury.

Several prior pedestrian v. automobile accidents had occurred at the crosswalk, including two fatality accidents. After the client’s accident, the city substantially rebuilt the intersection by installing lights, advance warning signs, and beacons. The city denied liability until two days into the trial; then the city agreed to settle by paying $650,000. The motorist’s insurer agreed to pay its $100,000 insurance policy limit.

Settlement: $750,000
Motorist vs. Motorist and Employer

The client was operating her vehicle and was rear-ended by another vehicle. The client sustained a cervical disc herniation which required surgical repair.

Settlement: $697,500
Motorcyclist vs. Drunk Driver and Drinking Establishments

The client was rear-ended by a van driven by a drunk driver. The client was thrown off his motorcycle from the impact and fractured his back.


The investigation revealed that the drunk driver was served drinks at two separate commercial establishments although he was visibly intoxicated. According to the police, the blood alcohol content of the drunk driver after the accident ranged from .15 to .16.

Settlement: $675,000
Glider Plane Passenger vs. Glider Company and Glider Tow Hook Manufacturer

The client was a passenger of a glider that was being towed by a tow aircraft. The glider unexpectedly released from the aircraft, plunged 180 feet off a cliff, and crashed nose down a steep embankment. The client sustained a fractured back and fractures to an ankle and heel.

Settlement: $570,000
Guest vs. Owner, Tenants, and Stairway Lift Manufacturer and Installer

The client tripped on a rail of a stairway lift. The client sustained spinal cord compression injury and developed pressure sore ulcers.

Settlement: $500,000
Guest vs. Owner

The client was a guest of the defendant’s home. The client fell 20 feet from the roof to the ground as he was starting to go down the ladder which the defendant had handled. The client lost an eye from the accident. The client also suffered from fractures to his back and face. Insurance company settled by paying the homeowner’s $500,000 liability insurance policy limit.

Settlement: $500,000
Motorist vs. Motorist

The client suffered from a head contusion laceration and spinal cord injury after colliding with a motorist who failed to stop at a red light.

Jury Verdict: $414,548
Patron vs Fitness Club

The client was in a sauna at a fitness club when a 2” x 2” protective fence collapsed and the client fell into the coal pit. The client sustained second degree burns on her back. The fitness club admitted liability, but only offered $150,000 prior to trial and $300,000 at trial to settle the client’s injury claim. The jury awarded the client with $400,000 as damages.

Settlement: $337,500
Pedestrian vs. Motorist and Premise Owner

The client was walking toward her car in a parking lot and was struck by a vehicle. The client fractured her back which healed within three months. The client also sustained neck injury and developed a lung infection.

Settlement: $330,000
Client vs. Apartment Complex

The client slipped and fell on the apartment premises resulting in a fracture in her right leg. The client required surgery and had difficulty sleeping.