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Jury Verdict: $5.1 Million
Product Liability: Pedestrian vs. Jeep Grand Cherokee and Daimler Chrysler

The client had suffered partial leg amputation; fractured leg; head and hand injuries; scars. The jury determined that the 1993 Jeep Grand Cherokees were not reasonably safe due to their design. Defendant, Daimler Chrysler was negligent for failing to retrofit the Jeep with a brake transmission shift interlock and failing to provide adequate warning after the Jeep was manufactured.


There are over 500 active runaway Jeep Cherokee injury and death cases nationally and this was the first, and so far the only, that has carried a jury verdict.

Daimler Chrysler's appeal was rejected at the Court of Appeals and Supreme Court levels; consequently, Buckley & Associates successfully forced Daimler Chrysler to pay the judgment, plus interest, for a net total exceeding $6 million dollars.

Settlement: $3.1 Million
Pedestrian vs. Motorist and the city of Seattle

Pedestrian crossing the roadway in a marked crosswalk with a large pedestrian crossing sign with blinking yellow lights at 10th and Jackson was struck and killed by a vehicle. The pedestrian’s wife and adult daughter sued the driver of the vehicle for negligence and the city of Seattle for failure to maintain the crosswalk in a reasonably safe condition. The city paid $2.75 million and the driver’s insurer paid its $300,000 policy limits to settle the case. Underinsured motorist insurance carrier paid its $100,000 underinsured motorist policy limits.

Settlement: $1.5 Million
Pedestrian vs. Motorist

The client was walking in a crosswalk and was struck by a vehicle making a left turn. The client was dragged underneath the vehicle for approximately 20 feet. The driver contended that the client had crossed the street against the “do not walk” signal.

The client suffered fractures to his arm, leg, knee, ribs and pelvis. Case settled for $1.5 million insurance policy limit.

Settlement: $1.2 Million plus Confidential Settlement with Auto Manufacturer
Passenger vs. Driver and Auto Manufacturer

The client was a passenger in a vehicle that rolled over after her husband fell asleep at the wheel. In the process of the rollover, the door on the client’s side came open. The client sustained fractures to her hip and leg. She also suffered open dislocation of her knee and laceration. Auto manufacturer was sued for defective product. Case settled with the auto manufacturer for confidential amount. Insurer for driver and underinsured motorist coverage settled for their policy limits.

Settlement: $1.1 Million
Victims vs. the state of Washington and the Department of Corrections

The clients were a man who was shot by a parolee who was under the supervision of the Department of Corrections and the wife of another man who was killed by the parolee. The clients alleged the Department of Corrections was negligent in its supervision of the parolee. The Department of Corrections claimed that they were not liable.

Settlement: $1 Million
Versus: United Ocean Seafood et al Head On Collision: Van v. Automobile

Client had suffered head injury; leg and arm injuries.

Settlement: $1 Million (policy limits)
Single Vehicle Rollover Accident

The clients were 4 passengers in a single rollover car accident versus the driver. The three clients sustained various injuries and one client was killed.

Settlement: $1 Million (policy limits)
Minor Child vs. Restaurant Owners

The client was a 5 year old child who slipped and fell on a restaurant bathroom floor which had water, paper, and food products on the bathroom floor. The client sustained a fractured skull and mild brain injury.

Settlement: $1 Million
Versus: Dump Truck Driver & Employer Head On Collision: Dump Truck v. Automobile

The client had suffered knee and leg injuries; fractured pelvis and ankle; post-traumatic stress disorder; emotional distress.

Settlement: $750,000
Passengers vs. Motorist

Our four clients were passengers in a head-on collision on Hwy 2. Our clients sustained various injuries. They settled for the at-fault driver’s $300,000 liability insurance policy limits and the $250,000 underinsured motorist (UIM) policy limits on the vehicle they were passengers in. In addition, they received $200,000 underinsured motorist benefits under their own insurance policies for a total recovery of $750,000.